Lady Sovereign On Lady Gaga Comparisons, Snoop’s ‘Signs’ Rap

Nylon TV caught up with as the pint sized British rapper played some Wii. Lady Sov admits to dancing to Madonna in the mirror, adding that she doesn’t like Lady Gaga comparisons she’s been hearing simply because they both have “Lady” in their names. She admitted to being annoyed by Snoop Dogg’s ‘Signs’ lyric where he says “you’ll see Venus and Serena, in the Wimbledon Arena”. Watch the video via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Lady Sovereign On Lady Gaga Comparisons, Snoop’s ‘Signs’ Rap

  1. ~ adult acne treatment says:

    Lady Gaga is da bomb. Poker Face and Starstruck are so cool to listen.

  2. lady mary says:

    Lady Sovereign is the best in the world !!!!!!!!!

  3. Huranimie Lowrie says:

    She’s way better than Gaga, more human too.
    Lady Gaga sucks, shock value sex sells brainwash bullsh**, yeah we definitely need less of that man.

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