Lady Sovereign Update

e-mailed the following update to fans on Thursday (February 16):

Yo! hope everything’s cool, been doing a few things like went to Chicago last week for a break to see some mates and ended up doing this big radio show the morning I was leaving, it was a funny show and I did a couple of live tracks. My DJ wasn’t there so it was pretty nervous, I never perform without him and Pink walked in when I was recording! Now back in England getting ready for a show at The Astoria on Thursday with The Ordinary Boys, it’s an NME show, so will be sold-out should be pretty good playing with my band again, first time this year.

Got an EP coming out in UK in April, it’s 4 tracks and only 1000 copies are being made, it’s going to look cool each copy will be numbered. ‘Blah Blah’ is the lead track, cutting a video to it next week. There’s also a live recording of ‘Public Warning’ I did in Manchester on the UK tour, this is on the EP too and there’s a new freestyle track and Ad Rock’s remix. I’m going back to US in March to finish the album with a couple of American producers, I can’t yet say who…. I don’t want to jinx it, but you’ll find out soon! Not making massive changes to the album just trying out a couple of new things, it’s my first album so I want it to be perfect, I ain’t forgetting where I’m from but I’m not scared of trying new things.

The ‘Vertically Challenged’ EP is still doing well in the US, I’m proud of it… show’s where I started, it was weird to see it on import in HMV on Oxford Street the other day. Also join the US street team if you haven’t already, this is open to everyone don’t matter where you’re from and fans will be chosen to get closer involved with what I’m doing and get exclusives out of it.

Check out my MySpace page and website for more info on everything I’m doing.

Also try building your own website and screensaver for me!! Check out the link and get loads of free tools and new stories to build these things. So for you geeks out there try it out, if you send in what you make I’ll pick the best ones and put them on my website.

Much love and check out the links

SOV xx

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