Laze & Royal Playing Madden NFL 09

Footage of Laze & Royal playing Madden NFL 09 on Xbox has been posted at the ‘Like A Pistol’ duo’s MySpace TV channel, transitioning to a discussion on old school hip hop, their influences, and more with a guy off camera. Watch it below.

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10 thoughts on “Laze & Royal Playing Madden NFL 09

  1. freshness says:

    Laze & royal are on the come up.. you know you making it big when you get recorded playing Madden lol

  2. missunderstood says:

    Why did they change their name? I’m feeling this new song

  3. Brittany says:

    I read that the guy off camera is Ryan Ford the editor of The Source Magazine. I saw these guys at The Game vs Bow Wow Madden ’09 $100,000 challenge on Friday… They are blowing up!

  4. dajuice says:

    Laze & Royal are blown up. They were dope since 2xl

  5. elle says:

    Yeah they are, loving what they are doing! keep it up guys!

  6. illestrhyme says:

    I remember 2xl.. Yeah they doing their thing

  7. MJ says:

    These guys just do their thing and its great! I’ll play them in Madden any day though!

  8. youngbeauty says:

    Laze & Royal are definitely doing their thing!! They have gone major and are coming out with a video to their first single “Like a Pistol”.

    Check out the pics from the video shoot at

  9. specialcase says:

    I was reading something and they said they changed their name from 2xl because they wanted something different as they were newly signed to a major label. Sounds cool to me. Their new sound is like magnified in their joint “candy from strangers”

  10. kendra says:

    I would love to hang out with these guys and play video games!

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