Lennox Lewis’ Brother Not Allowed At Puffy’s Party

The Mirror reports Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs had trouble the other night when he threw a party at London’s trendy Funky Buddha bar. Lennox Lewis’ brother Dennis was turned away at the door as a source revealed, “Lennox’s brother was not invited to the bash. He looked quite drunk when he arrived with his friends and was very rude and obnoxious to the bouncers.” Puffy wasn’t too happy about it either, telling the patrons that were allowed in, “Y’all are here because you are the P Diddy family and I don’t wanna see any of those muthafu**ers who were causing commotion making trouble on my night. You are the fu**ing luckiest people in the world to be here to party with me, so let’s get those muthafu**ing hands in the air”

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