Leno Takes Aim At Snoop After Latest Law Troubles

Jay Leno gave a tough time following his run-in with the law at the BET Awards. Leno joked during his Wednesday night monologue: “Some very exciting news – President Bush announced today we have found the weapons of mass destruction. They were in Snoop Dogg’s car last night at the BET Awards. Yep, ol’ Snoop Dogg who is on the show tomorrow night. He’s still coming. I guess at the BET Awards he had some guns and stuff like that in his car. They could get 5 years in prison, which is 35 in dog years. Police say they searched Snoop’s armored van and found guns, body armor and marijuana…and this is unconfirmed, but they also reportedly confiscated a fa-shizzle and two dizzles.”

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