Lil’ Bow Wow Performs For Clueless White Folk

Lil’ was on Regis and Kelly earlier today and the only thing you could really walk away with after the interview was how clueless both were about the young rapper. Kelly Ripa even asked if he knew Snoop Dogg! He did say he has no girlfriends. Read on for what he had to say to the clueless hosts.

Regis: Hey! That was great.


Regis: How you doing, buddy. Okay, lil bow wow. What was that song all

[ Laughter ]

it’s kind of like a little party song.

Regis: Did you write that yourself?

No. Germane, the producer, he wrote that.

Kelly: How old are you?


Kelly: How do you get so cool at your age?

I don’t know.

Kelly: Are you the coolest kid at your school?

I go to private school. Not even private school. I do home tutoring.

Kelly: Because you’re on tour a lot.

Regis: When did you start singing, bow wow?

Like at the age of 5.

Regis: Age of 5. Who gave you that title lil bow wow?

[ Laughter ]

well — it’s just bow wow. I’m 15.

Kelly: You’re no longer lil.

Regis: It’s just bow wow.

Bow wow. What happens when you’re 21?

I guess it’s going to be big bow wow

[ applause ]

Regis: I was going to say mr. Bow wow, and don’t forget it.

That’s good.

Regis: Who’s this guy?

This is world famous dee jay.

Regis: You two got the act together. That’s your backup music. Nice
to see you.

[ Applause ] you said you worked with madonna. What was that like?

Kelly: He opened the grammys.

Regis: With madonna.

Kelly: Were you terrified?

At first i was because i was an hour late to rehearsals with madonna.
So, i mean, we went through sop obstacles getting through rehearsal. She
wasn’t happy about that part.

Kelly: Did she give you a lecture.

She talked to me. I had fun working with her. I’d work with her again.

Kelly: You work with the biggest.

Regis: Who el have you worked with, bow wow. Give me the biggest?

Madonna, destiny’s child, jessica simpson.

Regis: All these beautiful women. Do they want to —

take you home?

Regis: Bow wow. I’ll ask the questions, all right? Do they want to mother
you? Do you get that feeling? Lil bow wow. Huh?

Kelly: He’s just bow wow now.

Regis: That’s right. What do you think? You get that vibe, don’t you?


Regis: You got a girlfriend?

No girlfriends.

Kelly: Have you ever met snoop dog dog?

A whole bunch of times.

Kelly: Are you friends?

Regis: He’s instrumental in your career, right?

He’s the one that put me out there.

Regis: Absolutely. Well, listen, man, you’re on your way. You’re 15
years old.

Album is in stores.

Regis: This is the new album.

In stores right now.

Regis: Lil bow wow on fire. Toni collette coming back. Thanks, bow wow.

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