Lil’ Cease: Biggie Wasn’t In Vegas When 2Pac Was Shot

A friend of the late Christopher Wallace, Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Lil’ Cease, called in to Los Angeles radio station KPWR-FM Friday morning to offer an alibi for Biggie. “We was home, watching the [Mike Tyson] fight on pay-per-view in Teaneck, New Jersey,” Cease told Power 106 radio personality Big Boy. “Two days later he was arrested and in a car accident in New York. How can he be at two places at one time?” He asked Big Boy, “Big Boy, for somebody to be in Vegas as big as you, how can you miss that? Biggie is too big a celebrity to go under a fake name. The place was full of celebrities, stars, boxers, all types of people. Nobody seen Biggie that day. Biggie was not there.”

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