Lil’ Cease Worried Pac Story Will Put Lives In Danger spoke with Lil’ Cease yesterday on the report in the Los Angeles Times that his now deceased friend Biggie Smalls was involved in the death of . The former Junior Mafia member denied B.I.G.’s involvement, saying he was “in the crib watching the fight.” Cease asked, “He used a fake name and nobody seen Big? Especially with that tension situation, Pac was there and Death Row was there, you think nobody would have said, ‘Big’s in here. Pac’s in here. Something about to go down.’ Why is it coming out now, not a year later or months later?” As for what would motivate a Pulitzer prize winning journalist like Chuck Philips to write something like this, Cease said, “I know its crazy, but it’s somebody with some paper that’s making some moves and just trying to destroy somebody, man. I think its more of a Puff situation, man. I think people are on a guilt trip and just trying to put niggas in the mix and niggas don’t know the [gas] that they are putting on the fire. Its bigger than that situation, putting a lot of people’s lives in danger. This sh** had just died down and now this is going to just rise that sh** back up.”

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