Lil’ Kim Forgives 50 Cent For Dissing Her Nose

When dissed Lil’ Kim in Puerto Rico for the Fifth Annual Mix Show Power Summit last year when he rapped about the singer “fu**in’ up her nose,” but the Queen Bee has since forgiven him. “He did call me and was like, ‘Yo, I wanna do a record with you so bad,’ ” Kim recalled. “He said, ‘Yo, I got this record that I think you’d love.’ I had to think about it.” Kim made her choice to forgive 50 after he apologized and the two went out to dinner. “It took a man to call me and say, ‘Yo, sometimes I be tripping. I be having, like, four personalities inside of me,’ ” Kim said. ” ‘I be coming out saying things I don’t really mean, like what I said about you. Every time I see you, you’ve been nothing but nice to me’.” Read more.

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