Lil’ Kim Goes All To Hell

Contributed Anonymously:

What in the world has come over Lil’ Kim? It seems that maybe all the plastic surgery and reckless weave and makeup has finally taken its toll. Kim looks worst than ever. Eyes, cheekbones, nose, chin, everything has been touched by the blade, and she is obviously not getting the right return on her investment. See the picture of Kim at the MOBO Awards in London and the Source Awards announcements and see for yourself. Don’t miss the 32nd episode of the internet’s funniest and hottest hip hop show, ‘The SHOW Show’. Also on this weeks episode: Ying Yang Twins ready ‘I Got That Boom Boom’ with Britney Spears, Fedrico is back to advise ju on de ways on Love and Romancia, and tips on preventing unwanted pregnancy… And why Robert Palmer is the greatest. You can watch the show at

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