Lil’ Kim No Fan Of Britney Spears After The Brush-Off

Lil’ Kim was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday, where they spent much of the broadcast talking about some of her memorable outfits worn to events. She was on to promote her role in ‘Juwanna Mann’. Lil’ Kim talked about the time were she met a rather snooty Britney Spears at the Video Music Awards. Read on to hear what happened.

Carson: Oh, Lil’ Kim, it had something to do with your outfits. Let’s
go through just a couple of them. And you tell me what the hell was going
on in your mind.

[ Laughter ] Here’s the first one. This is June 2nd, 2001.

Lil’ Kim: Yeah!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: This is at the MTV Movie Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in
Los Angeles. What is going on here?

[ Laughter ] This makes me feel like we should all take time and stop
and smell the flowers.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Lil’ Kim: I love that outfit. Actually, that was one of my favorites.
I designed that.

Carson: You did?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah, I styled myself for that. I like it.

Carson: What if you sneeze? Are you worried about just coming apart?

[ Laughter ]

Lil’ Kim: Actually, I just got that idea. You know, I just took like
a pot holder and held it up to my chest one day.

Carson: Do you ever wear the pots?

Lil’ Kim: And it had a flower on it. I was, like, “ooh, hell, I could
use this.” And I just —

Carson: Do you have the ganja version?

Lil’ Kim: What’s that?

Carson: Oh, what’s that? Please.

Lil’ Kim: Yeah, that is a marijuana plant.

Carson: This is from the ’98. This is — remember this?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah. The noah’s ark.

Carson: You must have remember every event from the gown.

Lil’ Kim: Noah’s ark outfit. So lady of soul. Yeah. That was really,
really good.

Carson: This is crazy. What is this headpiece you’re wearing? This looks
like a beekeeper. It’s like a really —

Lil’ Kim: You play too much.

Carson: No, come on. I have one of these things.

Lil’ Kim: Do you?

Carson: I don’t have the jewel version, though.

Lil’ Kim: Spider girl.

Carson: Diamonds?

Lil’ Kim: That means diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend.

[ Applause ]

Carson: The fellas are like, “ahh, great.”

[ Laughter ] You mean real diamonds?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah, it is.

Carson: All right, let’s take a look at this one. This is in 2000. Remember,
this is Chanel Soho Boutique opening party here in New York.

Lil’ Kim: Yeah. Actually, I have —

Carson: You look like you’re about to go skiing.

[ Laughter ]

Lil’ Kim: That has the idea.

Carson: Forget Aspen. The slopes in Brooklyn higher.

[ Laughter ] I like that one. You rock it. And this is the big one here.
This is the one we all remember.

[ Cheers and applause ] Now, you know I gotta ask. This is at the MTV
Video Music Awards here in New York in ’99. I think Chris Rock hosted that
year, one of the best years of the show.

Lil’ Kim: Yeah.

Carson: But you had the moment of a decade when Diana Ross fondled this
boob here.

[ Light laughter ] What was going on in her mind? What did you think
when you came out, and she was just, like — ?

[ Laughter ]

Lil’ Kim: I think a lot of people were like, “how did you feel?” But,
honestly, I think she was just giving me like a motherly tap, saying like,
“girl, do you know you got a boob hanging out?” But she was real nice.

Carson: What is this over your boob?

Lil’ Kim: It’s a pasty. We kind of just cut pieces of the outfit from
the bottom of — ’cause everything’s always —

Carson: It looks like a shell.

Lil’ Kim: Everything’s always long on me. So we always cut the bottom
of the pants, if it’s a skirt of whatever, and we make little things out
of it. Whether it’s a headpiece or either something to go around my —

Carson: This is always a fun night at the video music awards ’cause
of everybody that’s backstage. Everybody’s got great stories of that night.
Do you have any great memories from that night?

Lil’ Kim: Well —

Carson: Meeting anybody cool?

Lil’ Kim: Well, you know what? I kind of like — I’ll be truthful with
y’all. I was sort of a halfway Britney fan, right?

[ Light laughter ] I really liked her. I really did. And, you know,
I thought she was a great entertainer. And then I met her.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Uh-oh. Now, what happened?

[ Audience oohs ]

Lil’ Kim: She was really, really, really —

Carson: You had never met her before, and you respected her music a
or whatever little bit, and you wanted to meet her, say hi?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah.

Carson: And so that would be easy for you to go backstage, and you’re
Lil’ Kim, and she’s got a guy that stands outside the dressing room. You
say, “look, I want to poke my head in and say hi.” It seems easy. What

Lil’ Kim: Well, actually, they came, and they were, like, “Oh, my gosh,
Lil’ Kim and Britney. We need a picture with you.” And she looked at me,
and she walked away.

[ Audience oohs ] Then — yeah. I was, like —

Carson: How did she look at you?

Lil’ Kim: Then, you know, she just looked at me like — and then she
walked away. Then they wanted us to do MTV news with Kurt.

Carson: Yeah, yeah.

Lil’ Kim: They finally introduced us, and I was, like, “Hi.” I was full
like that. I had the boob out. I was just, like —

Carson: You were chillin’?

Lil’ Kim: I was felling real naked. I was feeling real feel.

Carson: So what happened during the interview? Did she end up ever talking
to you?

Lil’ Kim: They introduced us,and I held my hand out. And she was, like,
“Hi.” She never even held her hand out back. She was really, really —
I didn’t appreciate that, but it’s all good.

Carson: Ooh! Talk about celebrity boxing. I would like to see that.

[ Light laughter ] Lil’ Kim and Britney go at it.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lil’ Kim: You know what?

Carson: You’d be like — you’d be like Lennox Lewis, I think.

[ Laughter ] Britney would be like Tyson.

Lil’ Kim: I’m just like, whatever, you know. I’m gonna keep doing me.
And I said to myself, “I’ll see you at the top.”

Carson: That’s crazy, ’cause you would think they’d want you guys to
work together. Let’s talk about rap for a second. When did you know you
could rap? Little girl spitting rhymes?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah, when I was young. I used to go to every block party.
If you from the projects, you know the block parties was just —

Carson: Yeah, we know.

Lil’ Kim: I used to go to the block parties. I used to play around on
the dj set. I used to grab the mic, you know? I think everybody tried to
do that. You know, didn’t you? Just to have fun. Do all the hot dances
and be in the middle of the crowd. Everybody be like, “Go, go, go, Kim.”

Carson: You knew that was like a calling, something that you wanted
to do, more so than just having fun, you know, when you were a kid?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah.

Carson: You felt it?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah, it was in my heart.

Carson: And lyrics were just coming to you. If you were just free-styling
or messing around with the beat?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah. Like, if I was in a car with my mother, I would know
every song that came on the radio before — like, just by the —

Carson: First note?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah, the first note.

Carson: Name that tune, you were on it.

Lil’ Kim: I was on it. My mother was like, “god, I wish you knew your
schoolwork like that.”

[ Light laughter ] You know, I just — I kind of ht in msince I wa young.
I would pick up my mother’s brushes and put on her shoes and stuff like
that. She always used to tell me that.

Carson: And sing to t brush.

Lil’ Kim: But she thought I would be a movie star. She never thought
that —

Carson: Well, you are. We’ll get to that in a second. Rap lyrics are
always under a microscope, right? Everybody’s got an opinion about them.However,
with your lyrics in particular, I think they’re best defined as, you know,
rap gone poetry. Do you guys agree? Let me read some of Lil’ Kim’s lyrics.
True art and poetry. Let me dim the lights just a little bit. Imagine,
ladies, you’re out at like a picnic with your man.

[ Laughter ] You got a little wine. Maybe a little cristal, whatever
your choice is. And this is —

Lil’ Kim: But nowadays, blue hypnotize.

Lil’ Kim: Audience: All right.

Carson: All right. The spokesman is in the building. That’s nice. Take
a case for “last call.”

Lil’ Kim: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like four bottles.

Carson: This is very romantic here. You’re out, you’re with your man,
and you start to recite some words to “not tonight” by Lil’ Kim.

Lil’ Kim: Ladies.

Carson: “Whisper in my ear. Do you wanna get a [ Bleep ] On?”

[ Cheers and applause ] “I dug him, so I [ Bleep ] Him.”

[ Cheers and applause ] “It wasn’t nothin’. He wanted me to [ Bleep
] Him. But I didn’T. I n’fronti.”

[ Laughter ] “The sex was whack. A four-stroke creep. I jumped on his
[ Bleep ], Rode his ass to sleep.” Poetry — poetry from Lil’ Kim.

[ Cheers and applause ] Right?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah. That’s some talented [ Bleep ].

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Dr. Seuss ain’t got nothing on you. The real question after
reading that, jokes aside, is there ever a time when you’re in the studio
or if you’re writing, or if you punch in — I don’t know how you lay your
rhymes down — that you listen back to the track and go, “okay, that is
a little too hardcore, that’s a little much”?

Lil’ Kim: Yeah. But by then it’s sounding real good.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: You don’t ever have to censor yourself or think who might hear
it, what they might think of you? You don’t care, right? That’s the whole

Lil’ Kim: Yeah. At first I did. But when Biggie was around, he’s like,
“girl, if you don’t just go in that booth and spit that rhyme.” It kind
of gave me more — yeah. I was more encouraged to do it because it was
different, and it was real, and it was something that hadn’t been done.

Carson: But early on, how did the other female rappers feel about you
just spittin’ lyrics that were so hardcore, that they probably haven’t
heard from another lady, ’cause you were the first, really?

Lil’ Kim: A lot of them was supportive because they were, like, “oh,
my gosh. I couldn’t wait for a female to come back and go after men.” But
there’s a few haters.

Carson: Right. I want to mention — we’re running out of time. “Juwanna
mann” you’re in this movie, which is awesome. And you have an album coming
out in november.

Lil’ Kim: Yeah, november!

[ Applause ] The end of november, everybody!

Carson: Well, come back and perform a track off the record.

Lil’ Kim: Of course.

Carson: All right. Lil’ kim, everybody. Thank you so much.

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