Lil Kim Speaks Out On Remy Ma Attacks

Lil Kim was live at Shade45 with DJ Whoo Kid, where she spoke out on her beef with . “Everything she do has got too much testosterone,” Lil Kim said. “Everybody that knows me knows I ain’t gonna come at someone for no reason. I spread love to my females. Every female that came in the game I embrace them, because that’s what you gotta do. When I came in, they embraced me… But it seems like all the females that come in the game, they gotta take shots at me. It all started when I got the five mics. She’s on the radio, talking reckless, ‘Fu** that. My sh** hotter than hers’. C’mon Ma, I do this. This is what I do. Biggie crowned me Queen B, you can’t take that away from me. I’m sexy, I’m a sexy motherfu**er… And then it’s like when I got locked up, she’s again talkin’ reckless on the radio. And when I come home, she comes to my party. It’s like, ‘You know Kim, I love you. Can I take a picture with you.’ I brushed a lot of sh** off, I let a lot of sh** slide. But enough is enough. This is where it is. Whatever. I ain’t gonna dedicate no more time to that because it’s all about me, and at the end of the day I’m that bitch.” Watch it at DailyMotion.

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