Lil’ Romeo Responds To Bow Wow’s ‘Fresh Azimiz’ Diss

Lil’ recently released a track called ‘Hoodstar’, which is an answer to ’s ‘Fresh Azimiz’. Romeo raps at Bow Wow saying “kids poppin in grills and they think they getting toughter/trying to take off their shirts and ain’t getting buffer.”

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2 thoughts on “Lil’ Romeo Responds To Bow Wow’s ‘Fresh Azimiz’ Diss

  1. shameeka says:

    Y’all need ta shut da hell up and stop dissing them because they out here doing stuff y’all wish y’all could do y’all wouldn’t wont nobody judging y’all

  2. dylethat says:

    Bow Wow you are a hater because my ex-boo Romeo was the first rap hater.

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