Lil Wayne Doesn’t Think He’ll Win Any Grammys

Lil Wayne eating caught up with after his show in Los Angeles to screen the latest cut of his documentary, ‘The Carter’. The rapper was enjoying a massage while eating steak and french fries. Weezy talked about getting eight Grammy nominations, but suspected that he wouldn’t win any. “Because you know politics,” he explained. “I think they think it’s just enough to nominate me or something. They’ll probably give me one next year actually. Everyone’s like, ‘You gotta win one, that’s why they nominated you for so many so they could have a reason to give you one.’ I hope that’s the case but I keep telling people I don’t think they’ll give me any, I think it’s just a nomination. Not because of politics, only because there’s a lot of great people in the categories and honestly, I don’t think I did what they did.” Watch the Weezy blog below.

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