Lil Wayne Thinks Obama Will Turn The Economy Around

Dads Space caught up , asking the rapper about the recent birth of his son, advice for new fathers, his amazing 2008, what he thinks about ‘X Factor’, his ‘Hurricane Season’ film role, and his thoughts about President Barack Obama. “I think it’s gonna be good, like, I think it’s gonna be, he’s a lot of Democratic president like JFK,” Weezy opined. “I think he’s gonna take care, I think he’s gonna make the economy better and actually he’s said he wants to do the health thing. I think he’s gonna make that better too, like Clinton wanted to. Like I said, I think he’s gonna succeed because he’s not FDR, he’s not JFK, he’s not Clinton, he’s Barack and you feel like you know him more than you know the others, I don’t know why, it’s just that feeling he gives you. It’s like his wife is your aunty.” Watch a teaser below and check out the entire interview at

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