LL Cool J Appreciates Media Who Do Their Homework

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@llcoolj) on Monday (September 22). The veteran rapper tells readers:

I did interviews today with Deja d from South Carolina, Sugar Ray from Detroit, EZ street from DC and Kenya the big dog from GA. they all were really really cool and well informed about my new album ‘EXIT 13’. They all actually listened to the joint prior to the interviews. I love it when the sharp DJs do their home work before we talk. As opposed to pretending they’ve heard it, or calling me a “legend” to kill time lol. We also talked about the LLCOOLJ fashion collection in sears. and the fact that the ladies denim fits hot. I promise you. Even if your not BARBI DOLL thin you’ll love it. go try it on baby. trust your man. As far as the men’s fit goes. it’s right.

Not old school, not new school, I’m classic.


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