LL Cool J, Chuck D Take Opposing Sides At File-Sharing Hearing

MTV News reports rappers and ’s Chuck D rolled up on opposite sides of Capitol Hill Tuesday for a Senate hearing on the hotly debated topic of file-sharing. “P2P to me means power to the people,” Chuck D said. “I trust the consumer more than I trust the people at the helm of these [record] companies.” LL used a rather bizarre metaphor to render the practice of illegal file-sharing down to its basic element: stealing. “If a contractor builds a building, should people be allowed to move into it for free, just because he’s successful?” asked Mr. Cool J, as he was addressed at the hearing. “Should they be able to live in this building for free? That’s how I feel when I create an album or when I make a film and it’s shooting around the planet for free.” Read more.

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