LL Cool J Isn’t Feelin’ Auto-Tune Or Radio Playlists

posted three brief blogs on his MySpace (@llcoolj) earlier this week, sounding off on rappers singing (ie. Auto-Tune) and everything on radio sounding the same. The veteran rapper writes:

Why do the majority of rap records being released sound the same? And why are rappers singing on their records more than they rap?

I’m going to calling the radio station and make a request that they play “something” different. “Anything” And it does “not” have to be my music. I just feel like I’m listening to a broken iPod.

Sometimes I think about warm devils food cake with vanilla ice cream and I could lose my mind!!!!! But I “must” stay strong. Short term sacrifice = long term gain.

The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “LL Cool J Isn’t Feelin’ Auto-Tune Or Radio Playlists

  1. Max Love says:

    LL Cool J is 100% correct. All these artists doing the same thing lacks creativity. Most kids nowadays don’t get to experience the amazing hip hop records artists were putting out say 20 years ago. Where are the Cool G raps and Big Daddy Kanes and Rakims and Biggies or Tupacs of today. There is just too much talentless boring dross being put out there.

  2. A young kid that don't know much says:

    How can you say this stuff isn’t creative? 808’s and heartbreaks has a distinctive sound maybe even in it’s own neo-genre. Day n Nite is definitely creative. Bedroom sex is a nice use of plugin effects. LL Cool J and everyone else like him is saying they want new and creative stuff yet you are pointing back to old and dead (none the less good) type of music. We don’t want Tupac or Biggie, that’s old stuff, we are capable of embracing something new and different even though it’s going to sound weird at first. Old guys need to fall back and let us young folk do our thing.

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