LL Cool J On The Tonight Show

was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday to promote his guest role in ‘Deliver us from Eva’. LL talked about working out of course, the kids, his nickname, his latest album ’10’, and more. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: All righty, my next guest is starring in a new movie called “deliver
us from eva.” It opens next Friday, February 7th. Please welcome ll cool

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: You look good, man, you look —

LL Cool J: Hello, america.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now, last time you were here, you had a couple of these doughnut
things happening. You look good, man. You been working out?

LL Cool J: I feel good, I feel good, you know. Gettin’ it going. Gettin’ it going.

Jay: You on some kind of —

LL Cool J: You look a little — you look a little tight, a little strong, firm.

Jay: Yeah, I’m firm, yeah, that’s me. Touch me again, I’ll be —

LL Cool J: Super jay. Uh!

Jay: Yeah, that’s me. Now, what are you doing? Are you on some strict diet?

LL Cool J: Yeah, low carbs. You know.

Jay: Low carbs.

LL Cool J: Yeah, you know — not a lot of rice, bread, potatoes — unfortunately. Dessert, pizza.

Jay: No pizza?

LL Cool J: It’s a boring life. Somebody gotta do it.

Jay: No pizza. And you don’t — you don’t ever sneak out and just —

LL Cool J: Yes, I do, but we won’t talk about that.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: So what’s your workout?

LL Cool J: I work out about two hours a day, you know, cardio, weights,
calisthenics, pushups, everything you can name.

Jay: So you got the abs? Let’s see the abs.

LL Cool J: Here you go.

[ Cheers ] You’re hilarious.I can’t hear you.

[ Cheers and screams ]

Jay: Now, let me tell yosoing.

LL Cool J: It’s all there, man.

Jay: Let me tell you something.

LL Cool J: Hey, I want my check when we leave.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: This man has had four children. Look at that stomach, huh? Yeah.

[ Light laughter ]

LL Cool J: No, that’s not what you — no, never mind, never mind. Four children is correct, yeah.

Jay: How the kids doing, okay?

LL Cool J: Pushed ’em all out. Huh?

Jay: How are the kids, okay?

LL Cool J: Yeah, the kids are fun, happy, laughing, loving life, living good. I’m jealous of ’em, actually.

Jay: I never asked you this — now, your kids, their last name is not j?

LL Cool J: No, their last name is smith. My name is smith. My real name is james todd smith, you know.

Jay: Oh, okay.

LL Cool J: You know, for any 50-year-old white guys in oklahoma who
wonder who this black guy is on tv. James todd smith.

Jay: Now, when you check into hotel and you write james smith, “mm-hmm.” I mean, do you get — I mean, really. “Mm-hmm, all right, fine, cool J. I know you’re cool j, but if you want to pretend to be james smith” —

LL Cool J: My assumed name.

Jay: It must happen.

LL Cool J: Yeah, it does happen, but you know, I’m living life, feeling good, everything’s great. Got a new song out with J.Lo, it’s on my new album, “10,” it’s called “all I have.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now, you guys — now, were you married to her briefly?

[ Laughter ]

LL Cool J: No, we had a little something, but we won’t talk about that. You know what I mean? You were there, jay, you remember?

Jay: That’s right, I was.

[ Laughter ]

LL Cool J: It was nice, huh, jay? You remember the whole —

Jay: I remember the whole thing, I don’t want to go there. Now, your
kids are like — see, this makes me laugh, ’cause I’ve been doing this show for 11 years. And I remember the little — your kids are like teenagers now.

LL Cool J: Yeah, yeah, one of ’em is 13. Yeah, definitely. And, you know, they love your show, jay. They’ve got your pictures all over their wall.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: But do they listen to music? Is it like —

LL Cool J: They listen to music.

Jay: Is dad’s music cool?

LL Cool J: Please believe it.

Jay: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] Do they go on the road with you? Do they go on the road?

LL Cool J: I take my son on the road with me, he goes around and tours
with me, we have a great time, he loves it. Goes backstage, he wants to be a rapper — other rappers, but he wants to be a rapper.

Jay: Oh, other rappers.

LL Cool J: No, I’m kidding.

Jay: Now, what did I see? I see you on this magazine —

LL Cool J: What’s that?

Jay: This is — you’re on the cover of —

LL Cool J: Oh, jay, jay, jay.

Jay: Is it “honey” or “horny,” what is that?

LL Cool J: That’s honey, that’s honey.

[ Laughter ] That’s honey.

Jay: Well, see, you’re blocking out the letters so it looks like “horny.”

LL Cool J: Let me check that out.

Jay: Oh, like you haven’t seen this.

LL Cool J: No, no, I don’t get it. Oh, yes, oh, yes. That’s Gabrielle Union, my co-star in the movie.

Jay: That’s your co-star.

LL Cool J: The movie’s coming out february 7th. She’s a really hot girl, really talented, really smart. Had a lot of fun.

Jay: Now, this is kind of a new era for you, moving into these kind of romantic —

LL Cool J: Yeah, my first romantic comedy. And I just want to thank
everybody for allowing me to get to this point. It feels great. I’m happy, and —

Jay: Well, let me ask you about this, speaking of it — now, your wife’s
Simone, right?

LL Cool J: Yes, yes.

Jay: Simone? Simone, she goes, you’re doing these love scenes, beautiful
woman. Is that ever a problem?

LL Cool J: She gets me back with the credi

jay: , I see, I see.[ Laught alausLL Cool J: Csttly. You ow. Lot of shoes, you know? Shoes just solve all your problems in marriage.

[ Laughter ] Shoes. Just get some shoes.

LL Cool J:Ay: Re ses.

You know.

Jay: And you do a little horseback riding in this?

LL Cool J: Did a little horseback riding. : S that newor you?

LL Cool J: That was M. Oh, it was brand new for me. Hated it. Have a speci agrnt with horses. We leave each other alone.

Jay: What’s the problem?

[ Light laughter ]

LL Cool J: I mean, you know, like, there were times I’d be in jamaica, like having fun on vacation, the horse take me out in the middle of the ocean, it’s talking with an accent, “come on, ll, you know you’ll like it.” We was running around, it’s crazy. Running all over in the ocean, kicking me. I had one horse, like, wanted to smell the groin of the horse in front of him, and the horse is kickin’ and I’m duckin’. It was crazy. A lot of crazy stuff goes on, jay. I don’t like horses.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: That’s it, huh?

[ Laughter ] Now, in this movie —

LL Cool J: The movie —

Jay: You get paid to date her in the movie.

LL Cool J: Yeah, I get paid, I get paid money to date a pretty girl.

Jay: Now, why, what’s the problem?

LL Cool J: It’s a bad life. I hate it.

Jay: It’s your life.

LL Cool J: Hate it.

Jay: So how does that come about? What’s the premise?

LL Cool J: She b basically on everyone’s nerves so much, that the husbands
of — her in-laws basically hire this guy, they want to pay him $5,000 to go out and date this beautiful girl, to get her out of their hair. And it’s like “taming of the shrew.”

Jay: Oh, I see.

LL Cool J: It’s just a crazy, crazy, funny story. A lot of fun.

Jay: Now, let’s see. We have a clip here?

LL Cool J: Do we? I think we have a clip, and we’re actually around the pool table, and remember, I’ve been paid to date her, so everything I’m saying to her is basically, you know, a lie.

Jay: Unlike normal guys.

LL Cool J: Yeah, yeah. Totally different from real guys.

Jay: Check it out.

LL Cool J: You know, mike and his little buddies are not fooling me.

LL Cool J: I didn’t think so.

LL Cool J: No, they set us up, you and me. They want us to date so I’ll stay out of their hair. You might not believe this — people really don’t like me very much.

LL Cool J: I didn’t get that.

LL Cool J: Really?

LL Cool J: So, do you mind if they set you up with me?

LL Cool J: Just show me how to hit the ball straight.

LL Cool J: Want me to show you how to hit the ball straight?

LL Cool J: Yeah.

LL Cool J: First, hold the stick straight. That’s it. Now, slide the stick between your fingers.Applause ]

LL Cool J: A lot of fun.

Jay: H if you n get it.

LL Cool J: Lot of fun, lot of fun. A total — it’s a total, you know, it’s a real universal story. I think people can relate to it. It’s a lot of fun. And, you know, hope you give it a shot. It’s pretty cool.

Jay: Very cool.

LL Cool J: “Deliver usa.

Jay: . Smith goes


Yesheoes! Yes, he es!

Jay: Be right back with santana and michelle branch, right after this. Ll cool j!

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