LL Cool J On TRL Tuesday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday, where he was promoting his new album ’10’ which dropped earlier today and answered some personal questions in “The Ringer”. Afterwards, tennis star Serena Williams stopped by and LL surprised her and congratulated her on “being a strong woman.” For a transcript to LL’s interview with Damien, read on.

Damien: my first guest, ladies and gentlemen when it comes to looks
l l stands for ladies love and also stands for living legend when it comes
to lyrics, ladies and gentlemen give it up for LL Cool J.


Damien: LL Cool J is here. This is so cool.

LL Cool J: Yeah.

Damien: Before we get into your album that dropped today we got to talk
about, dude, you are jacked, unbelievable you lost 35 pounds.

LL Cool J: Yeah. Yeah you know workin’ out wha’ssup, everybody?


LL Cool J: Uhm workin’ out, got a great trainer his name is scooter
you know he’s a boxin’ trainer. I like run2 piles a day we do

[Inaudible] Metrics, boxin’, a lot of resistance training, change the
diet, you know what I’m sayin’.

Damien:  Like the female version of christina aguilera you know
we’ll take a peek right now do you have a like snacks or junk food that
gets ya?

LL Cool J: Yeah, yeah i a strawberry shortcak man, marsh mellow, chocolate
cake, you know what I’m sayin’, every wk I’m not

[Inaudible] Just in shape

[Screaming] Oh please believe it

Damien: The single is doing really well and the album dropped today.

LL Cool J: The album is out today in stores.

Damien: The video is great but the single itself the track is all about
celebrating women and loving women and i think in hip-hop today that’s
kinds of lacking from a lot of theinam stuff.

LL Cool J: Fore i wtoak music that doesn’t degrade the ladies, celebrates
’em and make music that as a man y ca feel p of like you can elroud and
feel lik a man you don’t have to feel cornyause the record is playin’.
You can celebrate the young ladies and still be a man you understand what
i mean.

Damien: I’m tryin’, but it doesn’t work for me. You are smoothr. Are
you going to hang out.

LL Cool J: Absolutely.

Damien: LL in house the third day at no. 8 no doubt here they are “underneath
it all” on trl


Damien: No doubt “underneath it all” at no. 8 holdin’ steady over the
weekend by the way a great video, by the way uhm you want to give LL Cool
J window love, are you cool with that?

LL Cool J: I love the windows love.

Damien: Say hi to the fans out there.

LL Cool J: Het’s do the window love what ‘up what ‘up were ‘up?


LL Cool J: I love that. I love that. I this.

LL Cool J: A lot of signs out the i haven’t seen in a while.

LL Cool J: I love this.

Damien: Just warmin’ up. We got to talk about the hip-hop career you’ve
had, came out with “radio” in the beginning all the way to no. 10 now with
this new album 20 years in the business?

LL Cool J: Like 18.

Damien: How did you manage to stay on top of your game like in contrast
to the –.

LL Cool J: Well, you know i love what I do you know what I’m sayin’
like when i started i was like bow wow’s age and, you know, i just kept
doin’ it, kept lovin’ it and, uhm you know i have had a lot of supporters
over the years and got a lot of new supporters, new fans, you know what
I’m sayin’? It’s a blessin’ you know what I’m sayin’. I really love what
i do and i do it from the heart you know what I’m sayin’, i love hip-hop
and movies, anything that’s cool, not destructive.

Damien: Cool. LL Cool J will be hangin’ out just warming up with you.
You got 10 albums, two grammys, countless videos under your belt and want
to hang out if a little thing we call the wringer.

LL Cool J: Yeah, please put me through it. I’m ready, I’m ready I’m


Damien: Welcome back to trl times square it’s damien hangin’ out.

LL Cool J: Yeah, why.

Damien: What a great show hangin’ out with rapper, actor slash all-around
nice guy.

LL Cool J: Thanks alot. Appreciate it.

Damien: We have to do this we like the dirt on the big stars who come
through on trl. I ask you random questions and you answer with the first
thing that pops into your h, a little thing we call “the wringer”

Damien: [Background music] Don’t get nervous, like a 250-pound guy this
will be all right

LL Cool J: Ha-ha.

Damien: Ready

LL Cool J: Yeah.

Damien: What does LL Cool J have for breakfast.

LL Cool J: Protein shake.

Damien: What’s the sexiest thing you find in a woman?

LL Cool J: Ha-ha.


Damien: I’ll take that as a no answer. Your grade point average in high

LL Cool J: I don’t even know.


Damien: Okay. When you do the thing with your lips


Damien: Sure hell i can’t do that. In your opinion can J.Lo better than

LL Cool J: Than what.

Damien: Than ben.

LL Cool J: What do you mean.

Damien: Ben affleck.

LL Cool J: You know.

Damien: How much can you bench press?

LL Cool J: 315.

Damien: Do you sweat more in the bedroom or in the gym?

LL Cool J: Bedroom


Damien: That’s good name an artist nobody would expect you to like.

LL Cool J: Something no one would expect me to like.

Damien: Uh-huh.

LL Cool J: Yoga.

Damien: That’s an artist all right and what did mama say again.

LL Cool J: Knock you out you right ‘word up.

Damien: By the way D.J. Cool hung out with l L.

LL Cool J: Yh, direct eects at the hammerstein ballroom the other night.
We’ll do another one in new o y what i mean


Damien: If you aren’t going check it out on Direct Effects thanks man.

LL Cool J: Yeah.

Damien: Nice meeting you we keep the countdown rolling with simple plan
“I’d do anything” no. 7 on trl.

LL Cool J: Gotta love it, baby trl

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  1. Fatimah Hudson says:

    The show was off the hook even though I think LL Cool J handled himself well.

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