LL Cool J Thanks DJs For Supporting ‘Exit 13’

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@llcoolj) on Saturday (September 27), thanking DJs for their support. The Queens rapper writes:

Just wanted to shout out the foundation of our culture the DJ. You guys have been incredibly supportive of my newest project ‘EXIT 13’ and for that I thank you.. I put my heart and soul into the ‘EXIT 13’ record and you are my bridge to the those who listen in cars, clubs, and radio!!!!.. I’m thrilled with the response the people have had to this new joint and I am committed to touring performing and working with you guys closely. Hiphop in it’s many forms.. is alive and well and I’m proud I’m able to present it to the world!!! On another note my tour with Janet Jackson is going amazing!!! .. It’s hot!!! Big crowds!!! And great energy!!!! I feel extremely excited..!!!! This is an amazing time for LLCOOLJ. In addition you guys should go to www.boomdizzle.com the next superstars are lining up to upload their music and join the movement!!!! The producers studio is coming soon, it’s a game changer. The DJ alongside Boomdizzle represents the future of our culture. THE VISION FOR A BIGGER BETTER MORE ACCESSIBLE INDUSTRY HAS FINALLY COME TO FRUITION!!

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