LL Cool J Visits Westwood’s 1Xtra Show

dropped by Tim Westwood’s show on 1Xtra while the DJ was in New York City on Sunday (December 16). LL talked about resisting the dark side of success growing up Queens. “It wasn’t that I wanted to be a drug dealer per se, although I was magnetized by it and attracted by it,” he said. “I wanted the money. What it really is, at the end of the day, when you’re in the hood, and you look over, and there’s one guy who got a big ring on and a big medallion and a hot car, and a pocketful of money, you know, I wanna do what he does. So once I got around these guys and found out how smart they were, how intelligent they were, but realized at the same time there was something for me to do that wasn’t that, I could still get the results that I wanted. I was blessed to kind of go in a different direction with it, but it didn’t separate me from the hood, it didn’t separate me from those guys, from my people. It’s just that I felt I could take a higher road and a different path.” Watch the interview below.

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