LMFAO Live Set & ‘Sorry For Party Rocking’ Discussion

LMFAO perform on Walmart Soundcheck

performed for a crowd of fans at Ruby Skye in San Francisco for Walmart Soundcheck. The live set includes performances of ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’, ‘I’m In Miami’, ‘Sexy and I Know It’, ‘One Day’, ‘La La La’ and ‘Party Rock Anthem’.

During an interview, Redfoo and SkyBlu talked about their “Sorry for party rocking” saying, being okay with Flo Rida passing on ‘Sexy and I Know It’, not catching the love on radio before getting a Grammy nomination, how ‘Party Rock’ was an experiment messing around in the kitchen, while the new album ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ is “hot dishes that we know tastes good”, and more.

“To us life is a party. In the studio just to us it depends. Sometimes we have that vibe where we wanna go out but we have to work, so let’s just bring the party to the studio,” Redfoo explained. “So you do your vocals and people are just right there, partying up… That’s actually one of my funnest ways to do it. You get inspired by the nice lookin’ ladies coming over, then you play the song, and then they’re dancing. So you see this is what it’s gonna be like. If you play it and you think it’s really great and they don’t dance, then maybe there’s something the matter with that and then you put in this sound…”

The concert and interview can be viewed at soundcheck.walmart.com. Check out additional pictures from the appearance after the cut.

LMFAO on stage during Walmart Soundcheck
LMFAO interviewed on Walmart Soundcheck
LMFAO arm tattoo on Walmart Soundcheck
LMFAO and an appreciative audience during Walmart Soundcheck

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