Lord Grunge Of Grand Buffet On RapReviews

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Over the years it has become apparent that Hip-Hop comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Through their eclectic brand of music Grand Buffet manages to manifest itself in as many of these shapes, sizes and colors as possible. The duo of Lord Grunge and Jackson have been making music together for over a decade and late last year they released a compilation album, Five Years of Fireworks, which almost acts as an introduction to the group for the many listeners out there who still haven’t heard their work. This week Lord Grunge took some time off from touring and recording to speak with us at RapReviews.com about the path Grand Buffet has taken to where they are today, the point at which they started to feel a little hated on, the influence their political views have on their music, and what’s up with all the Satan stuff. Read more.

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