Lovely Ladies Leave Slim Shady In A Panic

Despite the legal troubles with ex-wife Kim Mathers and reports of her cheating on him, apparently is remaining loyal to her. A party following D12’s gig Shepherd’s Bush was held at Mayfair, where only around 40 men were invited, and 200 stunning women, most of them of the stripping variety. A spy revealed: “Eminem acted like one big sissy when he saw the scantily clad girls throwing themselves at him. He immediately got his pal and his minders to cordon off the library so he could chill on his own.” Later when he went down to a pool area, more ladies were battling for his attention, but Eminem scurried away. “Eminem was acting like a little boy,” an insider said. “He looked really awkward and nervous. He did shuffle towards the door but immediately headed back to the library when he saw all the beautiful girls desperate to get his attention. He kept on looking at his watch and muttering, ‘Can you clear those girls away?'”

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