Ludacris And DTP Crew Stop By MTV’s TRL

Disturbing Tha Peace

and his Disturbing Tha Peace crew stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to promote their new album ‘Golden Grain’. Unfortunately, Damien for whatever reason didn’t ask about Bill O’Reilly’s virtual crusade against him — maybe because ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ and TRL don’t exactly draw the same demographics. Luda did talk about his pre-VMA performance which he called the “hardest one” of all his TV performances. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: Say hi to your people.


Damien: What ‘up ? What’s the deal.

Ludacris: How are you , man good to see you.

Damien: You too

Damien: How you feelin’ sb| . People outside is crazy. Wha’ssup? Disturb
inteeg the peace , they got it representin’ out there.

Ludacris: Believe it they definitely representin’.

Damien: Talk about your V.M.A., Pre-show performance, man that was unbelievable
we closed down the entire treat of radio city music hall dancin’ on top
of cars , jumpin’ around and goin’ crazy what was that like.

Ludacris: Out of all television performances that had to have been the
hardest one because we know new york city has some of the worst traffic
in the country. We shut down a whole block sittin’ on top of cars the whole
family one of the craziest performances ever in my life.

Damien: How d o you rehearse for something that big. It is so big closing
down a street in new york almost seems impossible.

Ludacris: It is funny because before we performed we never even rehearsed
anything. We rehearsed on that of course because mtv made u s rehearse
but it’s all good. We were haed without rehearsein’ regardless. If you
would have threw us out there we would have still wrecked it, crushed it.

Damien: You are about to wreck it


Ludacris: Yeah, love ya

Damien: I love you , too a girl cryin’ over there , man.

Ludacris: I know , she be cryin’, —

Ludacris: I need to give her a hug come here, man. For real.

Ludacris: Here they come , here they come.

Ludacris: Love these people

[Inaudible] Right now, that’s hard.

Damien: More with ludacris comin’ up. ‘Got to take a quick break. My
god , crazy debatch ree. Last week justin debuted at no. 1 , we’ll see
if nick can do the same , nick carter and we have a premiere from blink
182, tom and travis that is , boxcar racer when we get right back. She’s
got it on, too right there. My sister right there. — You know some of
the youngest ones up a the radio station and that was a radio station demographic
just young people so we was being’ ourselves actin’ crazy.

Damien: I heard you almost got fired after your first two weeks.

Ludacris: Yeah, a couple times but, you know.

Damien: Let’s have la la describe this.

La La: Yes let me tell you guys the story, okay.

Ludacris: Oh, no, oh, no.

La La: After two weeks at the radio station, we did this crashin’ the
prom thing and went in and crashed the prom so ludacris decides to really
crash the prom. We had this expensive limo the radio station paid for so
he brings girls from the prom in the limo, tre trash the entire limousine
and we almost all lose our jobs.

Ludacris: What can i say you got to live it up sometime, man.

Damien: What are you gonna do


Ludacris: You gotta live every day like it could be your last, man I’m
sayin’ ’til the wheels fall up. Wha’ssup, man come on.

Damien: Ha-ha.

La La: You are so guilty, ludacris.

Ludacris: We did almost get fired.

Damien: I like the story lala was tellin’ me earlier about before you
even had cash were you livin’ large.

Ludacris: Right, ha-ha.

Damien: — Before he really made it.

La La: Oh, well okay yes, sir uncle owned a limo so wherever he went
he was in this limo, little did you know it was always the same limo his
uncle own and he had this D.T.P., Disturbin’ the peace credit cards before
there was really a disturbin’ the peace platinum credit cards he was walkin’

Ludacris: Can you blame me you can blame me I knew it was goin’ down
you feel me I knew it was gonna happen but it’s a lot of talk about me
let’s say something about this person right here.

Ludacris: Ha-; i remembe somethin’.

Ludacris: A birthday party you had and there was some flyers out and
if I’m not mistaken were you like half n*de [censored because of Google’s awful image filter] somebody’s hands comin’ up
those little mammary glands over there can you believe this.

La La: The mouth, the mouth.

Damine: All right we got to thank you for comin’ out and enlightening

Ludacris: Oh, yeah


La La: I love you.

Ludacris: You too.

Damien: More with lewd lewd chris and more from the disturbing the peace
family the album is out after your next request while we are waiting nick
carter fans have spoken this is what they said on your countdown at 5,
strong showing not like justin no. 1 last week. Congrats on the debut nick
carter “help me” no. 5 from times square


Damine: No. 5 nick carter “help me”. Nice debut for him. Congratulations
on that ludacris is here.

Ludacris: Oh, yeah, i brought a couple friends with me this time.

Damien: Distrubing Tha Peace introductions down the line. Starting with
this one right go ahead,.

DTP: All

[Inaudible] Reppin’ all day you know what I mean.

DTP: Ai right. Most definitely your girl shawna representin’ chicago
all day and night disturb’ the peace.

DTP: Yeah this is

[Inaudible] East side reppin’ disturbin’ the peace all day.

DTP: Yeah, yeah yeah,

DTP: All right I’m the new kid off the block this t-boy represent college
park, man. Yeah.

DTP: Yeah!

DTP:  I go by the name of J.C., Representin’ decatur by way of
detroit, michigan.

DTP: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Damien: Very cool. Now except for you you guys all grew up in the same
apartment building; right.

DTP: Yeah. Believe that.

DTP: The same apartment complex.

Damien: Complex.

Ludacris: We weren’t all in the same one but i mean it was crazy growing
up because the pizza man wouldn’t deliver to where we lived at, that’s
how hard we was.

Damien: I don’t think you wanted to be in the apartment. How dirty was
it, was it clean

[Talking simultaneously]


Ludacris: Right there wit ’em.

DTP: I would say their apartment was dirty because they all stayed together

[Talking simultaneously]


Ludacris: Thes in tee crew.

Damien: This hit stores yesterday. Talk about “move, get out the way”.

Ludacris: Yeah, move.

Damien: Awesome song there is the album cover.

Ludacris: Man, this is what we had to do we had to take it to the club
that represent the hardest in the A.T.L.Right now called the bounce where
we did the video mystikal came through one of those real aggressive records,
man, i mean it is real emotional you almost wanna hit somebody when you
hear this record that’s what we do don’t for you forget

Ludacris: By our super manager shakazulu

Damien: My favorite track of the album I’ve had it about the week listenin’
to track no. 2 like over and over again called “growing pains” about growin’
up, hangin’ out havin’ barbecues in the summer was that what was like for
you guys growin’ up.

Ludacris: That was exactly how it was like and we exactly wrote down
the same script of the son you know what I’m sayin’ every line like real.
For us that’s how we grew up we want to bring it to the people because
we feels there a lot more people relate to growin’ up the same way.

Ludacris: That can relate to big wheels and the first nintendo and G.I.Joe
and he-man, all this.

Damien: Shawna how y feelin’.

Ludacris: I’m good. I’m good. It’s live always watchin’ on T.V. But
I’m here it’s live, it’s live.

Damien: Thanks for stopin’ by “golden grain” is out

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