Ludacris At VMA Pre-Show

MTV News caught up with outside the Video Music Awards in New York City on Thursday (August 31). Read on for the brief transcript.

MTV: Ludacris, how you doing, brother? You saw Fergie, she just shut
down the red carpet.

Ludacris: I love that song, too, man. I’m on Fergie’s album, as a matter
of fact.

MTV: It’s called “Glamour,” right?

Ludacris: Yes, yes.

MTV: A couple years back at the preshow, you actually shut down 6th
Avenue. What do you remember about that performance?

Ludacris: I remember mostly it was drizzling outside it was range a
little bit. We still shut it all the way down. Shutting down the whole
6th Avenue, I don’t think anybody’s done that song. Ridiculous.

MTV: Ludacris, you’re having a good year. You’ve had a colorful career.
Still when people talk about the greatest M.C. Of all time, they’re not
saying your name yet.

Ludacris: Oh, they going to say it after this.

MTV: How can this album change that?

Ludacris: Trust me when I tell you, word for word, kick for kick, this
is my classic album. September 26th release date. I ain’t got to say nothing

MTV: All right, you’re performing on the big show tonight.

Ludacris: Yes, first single is called ‘Money Maker’ for all the money
makers out there. Radio is going crazy over it. So we’re going to do it.

MTV: Ludacris, thanks for stopping by.

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