Ludacris Full Of Praise For Mariah Carey caught up with recently and asked him about his guest appearance on Mariah Carey’s ‘Loverboy’ track (‘Glitter’). “I feel extraordinary about being on the Mariah Carey record, because she only works with selective rappers from what I’ve seen, and this is way before I got signed,” he said. “You can just tell that she tries to pick out the ones that are in the streets heavy, or the ones that are really popular, or a combination of both. So any time you see a rapper on her record, you can tell that either she has put a lot of thought into it or her crew has put a lot of thought into it. Like, ‘We need this person to balance off this side of it.’ You have the commercialized side of things and you have the street side of things. She’s trying to capture a different audience, and so maybe by her getting me for a song I felt privileged, because they knew I have a certain audience that they want to capture. She picked us because of the ‘What’s Your Fantasy?’ song. And she got a lot of money, too. So it was good breaking bread with Mariah Carey and drinking Cristal in the studio. She’s a real down-to-earth person, and I really hope to work with her again.”

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