Ludacris’ Movie Moves

Hip Online caught up with where he talked up his demand in Hollywood. “I can talk all day about movies I’m considering,” Luda boasted. “I would rather talk about movies that are in stone because it’s a different game when it comes to the Hollywood game. But I can definitely tell you, you can expect see me in some more movies. I just, I’m sorry I can’t tell everyone right now exactly which ones they are. There’s a animated one coming out wit my voice on it as well as some other voices, Lil’ Kim, Bernie Mac, Mistikal. Its called ‘Lil’ Pimp’. Its almost like South Park to the tenth power, a lot of cursing, It’s gonna be humorous though, it’s crazy. It’s coming out probably around the end of this year. And I sold a script to MTV Paramount called ‘Skip Day’ a while ago. We’re just now getting first drafts back from that. So, You can expect that. That’s also in stone. ‘Skip Day’. Its kinda like a mix between ‘Ferris Bueler’s Day Off’ and ‘House Party’, southern style.” Check out the entire interview here.

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