Ludacris Scores Best Rap Album Grammy

accepted the Grammy Award for the best rap album for ‘Release Therapy’ last night. The rapper told the audience, “So you’re all telling me all I had to do was cut my hair to win best rap album? That’s what you’re all telling me? Mr. L.A. Reid I sat in your office and told you this was mine right here. Thank you L.A. Reid, Def Jam, Universal staff, Mr. Shaun Carter of course Jay-Z, Steve Bartles, my whole Disturbing The Peace family, staff, all the artist on my label, Ebony Son Management, Shaka Dulu, Jeff Dixon, yes, we made it, boy. I want to thank Lionel Walker, Patty Webster, my publicist Dana Simms, William Morris Agency, Steve Shapiro, Darryl Miller, Kevin Davis, my mother Roberta Fields, the Ludacris Foundation, my inspiration Karma Bridges, my daughter, Christine White, the Swan family, all the producers and all the artists this made this masterpiece happen, ‘Release Therapy’, Josh Monroy, my boy Poon, shout out to Don Haynes, I-20, Dayo, Choir Boy, happy birthday boy, Ryan Cameron, Mary Katherine, 107.9, V-103, KK Holiday, D.J. Nams, All the DJs that played it. Atlanta, Georgia, I’m bringing this home to you. Hold up. Wait, wait. Special shot out to Oprah and Bill O’Reilly. I love you. This goes out to my father – this goes out to my father who is in critical condition right now. I appreciate your prayers, Mr. Wayne Bridges, I love you to death. I love you. Thank you.”

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