Malice Says It Was Hard To Escape Drugs In Virginia

DeMarco Williams of Insite magazine spoke with Malice of the and told him that in listening to their album, one might think Virginia’s all about drug-dealing. “Well, I’m going to be for real with you: Honestly, there’s really nothing to do in Virginia,” Malice responded. “The beach is kinda hot during the summer, when the kids are out of college. But outside of that, I wouldn’t even recommend anyone coming. [Regarding] the hustling, well, that’s just where we was at during that point in time. We’ve always been familiar with the street element; we always did our thing. When we first got signed with Elektra in ‘97, it was just a new day. Everything was good. But when everything fell through with Elektra, we had to turn back around to where all the grindin’ took place. Even being down with Elektra, you’d be surprised at the people you meet. You meet the best [drug] connections with the best numbers. So, that would even get you into the whole game deeper. That was that point in time. Next album, maybe we’ll try to save the world.”

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