‘Man vs. Machine’ Personifies Xzibit’s Struggle

MTV News spoke with on his upcoming album ‘Man vs. Machine’, as well as his side project the Golden State Project, whose new album ‘The Coast Is Clear’ is set to be released in February on his own label. Xzibit commented, “I think I’ve overcome a lot, and I feel like ‘Man vs. Machine’ was a fitting title to personify that struggle. [It’s] me staying true to the basic fact that I love the music first and I love the fans and I get my success when I’m out in front of the crowd. [Whether] there’s 30,000 of y’all or five of y’all, I don’t care. I got the mic and I’m rippin’, and y’all are goin’ off and screaming right back at me. That’s real.” Read more.

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