Martinez Says Judging Idol Was Breaking Her Heart

Last week, it was announced that would take the coveted fourth spot around the ‘American Idol’ table. Five work, and now she tells why. Did Simon Cowell push her out? “No. He was like welcome, and, you know, he asked me things about myself,” she said. “He was like oh, do worry, you’ll be fine.” If not that, how could the show’s producers have misjudged their new judge’s ability to go toe to toe with the sinister one? “I’m shocked they missed it,” Martinez admitted.

Asked if they assumed that you would do that without knowing for sure, Angie said, “I don’t know if maybe that’s exactly what they wanted.” Angie said, “These people would come in, these young, maybe if they were older. Aspiring, weepy eyed cute kids. It was breaking my heart. I couldn’t do it.” She continued, “It’s different when you’re sitting home and you’re watching shot and going, he sucks. We can all do that at home. But not everybody is the type of person that would do it to somebody’s face.”

Martinez hinted that one of the judges has shifted to the dark side, “You’d be surprised, Paula might be a little harsher this year.”

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