Mase’s Older Way Of Thinking

Jamie Foster Brown of Sister 2 Sister magazine caught up with and asked the rapper about how he acts like he’s in his 40s. “People always tell me I act like a young, grown man,” Mase admitted. “I’ve grown up around older people, so I just have an older way of thinking….from people knowing my story about how I grew up and how I had 11 friends and 10 of them were killed, all at the same time…it just always put me on a different page. I’ve seen so much that it was like, you might as well just have fun. I totally understood that it was no coincidence how, when I was little, my mom sent me to Florida and I ended up coming back [home to Harlem]. I was just always at the right place at the right time. Even in meeting Puff…. I was in Atlanta but I’m not from Atlanta. Even with leaving music and seeing what happened to Shyne [Shyne was imprisoned after he and Puffy were involved in a shooting]. I really believed in my heart that that was my seat, but because I was able to see something that nobody else saw, it made sense when that happened. Like, ‘wow, that would’ve been me. I’m Puff’s ace, so that would’ve been my gun’.” The full story at has since been removed.

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