Master P. And Romeo On TRL

. and his son Lil’ , who now is just going by Romeo, stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to preview the their new show on Nickelodeon which airs on Saturday. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: Time to bring out our first guest. Ladies and gentlemen, they
make us all say um. This is master p and lil’ romeo.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: What up?

>> Yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: How you doing? How you doing?

>> All right.

>> All right, all right. Looking good.

TRL: How you guys feeling?

>> Oh, man. We having fun. We definitely having fun.

TRL: I always see you guys together. You know, because you’re his father.
You’re the son. He never leave you alone?

>> No, he’s always bothering me. He act like the son. No, i just playin’.

TRL: We’re just the first father and son of hip-hop. And we want to
tack all the fans. — Thank all the fans.

>> One of your goals is to be the first rap billionaire. You got to
follow in your dad’s footsteps. But how do you think you’re close to that

TRL: Next four years.

>> Next four years.

TRL: That’s nice. Now, P., Of course, lil’ romeo is getting around that
age, getting up there, teenagers, he’s starting dating. Do you have any
say on the girls he brings home?

>> I just tell him make sure when he brings someone home —

>> I’m a angel.

TRL: Oh, yeah. I see the halo.

>> Where is it?

>> You’re wearing it.

>> You know, so long somebody that’s good, understanding. Definitely,
be yourself.

TRL: A nice girl.

>> A nice home girl.

>> A nice home girl.

>> Who can cook, too.

TRL: All right. More with P. And lil’ romeo.

[ Cheers and applause ] Right now like we said, we’re here with master
p. And lil’ romeo. You guys have a show coming up on nickelodeon called
“rain on me”ow do you think lil’ romeo and master P. Is different in the
real world than romeo in the sitcom?

>> He’s basically trying 0 get to where I’m at right now. He’syinger
to be number 1 and he won’t stop until he get done what he got to get done.

TRL: So it’s pretty true to life.

>> It’s a little bit, but the show is definitely a cross-over show for
everybody. It’s like a family, you know, you could say bill cosby and the
fresh prince mixed together. There’s a lot of fun and a lot of energy and
talk about real-life values. S and also funny. So it’s a little bit like
our life, but it’s also — it’s like about everybody else. We want everybody
to be able to relate to the show.

TRL: It’s a nice mix. And you get to star in the show. You get to star
in the show and producing and writing in the show. Is that a lot of work?
Do you take all the good lines?

>> Well, you know what? I kind of like sit back and let it happen, and
we got great team. We got a great staff. When you’re shooting a television
show, you got a lot of other hard working people. And my partner this in
the show is tommy lynch. Doing the show with nick load 0ion is a great

TRL: You play somebody who’s trying to break into the music industry.
And this is great aspect of the show. There’s always going to be a perform
formance on show. Is it hard to write music for every single show?

>> Not really. Not really. You just go along with float. If I have a
crush on a girl for that episode, we write about that. If I’m down or feeling
bad, we write about that. It’s not too hard.

TRL: Do you guys right that together?

>> We work as a team. We’re a father-and-son team. And we blessed to
be here.

TRL: Absolutely. We’re blessed to have you here. Actually we need a
little more insight on family. We learned a little bit about you. Want
to del delve a little deeper. A true father and son battle. Each of you
are going to dish dirt on each other. Get out the boxes gloves. Audience
decides who’s right.

TRL: We’re going to take our first break right now. Plenty more with
romeo and master P. And we got bad boys da band in the building. It could
get crazy. Stick around. “Trl’s” coming right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Welcome back to thursday here at “trl,” live from times square.
I am standing here with master p and lil’ romeo.

TRL: That’s right. Now, you guys act together. You rap together. You
even live together forefor goodness’ sakes. We thought we’d have a father
and son — all kids at home have parents and it’s not always the best of
times. You have disagreements with them. I certainly have. Even rap stars
get grounded. Isn’t that true?

>> Oh, yeah.

[ Laughter ]

TRL: We won’t talk about it. We’re going to let the audience solve your
problems in miller vs. Miller. You’re going to present a side of your aumument.
The audience is going to decide who is right by applause after they go.
Father goes first. Why not? Master P., Go right ahead with your argument.

>> All right. All right. This is my argument. Right? I’m at the house,
you know. We chillin’, and i told romeo, you need to get off the phone.
It was getting, like, late. And he was like, all right, dad. I’m about
to get off. I come back. Hour passed by. He was still on the phone. I’m
like, who you talking to? He say, this girl.

>> All right, all right. Let me do my side of the story.

>> For real. For real. Now, he was on the phone, and he know he had
to to go to school the next day. So I was like, you know you on the phone.

>> Dad, this was saturday.

[ Laughter ]

>> Is that Saturday

>> No, let me tell my side of the story. Look, I called my cousin up.

>> No, no.

>> Let me tell my side.

>> It was a girl on the phone.

>> No, I called my cousin up. And then i had algebra 2 class the next
day. Whatever. I told him to call up this girl 0 or whatever. And he must
have picked up the phone being all nosy. That’s why i use my cell phone
now. He heard the girl talking.

>> Well, no, you call your cousin and your cousin called the girl.

>> What was the girl doing?

>> A three-way.

>> She was helping me with my homework. It was real difficult.

>> Of course.

>> It makes sense.

>> See, that’s what I was trying to tell you.

vAll right. Here we go.

TRL: We have the question here. Don’t you hate when your parents pick
up the phone and hit mute and listen. It’s so embarrassing. By applause,
who wins this argument? First off —

TRL: Master P.?

[ Applause ]

>> Okay.

>> That’s not bad.

TRL: What do do we think? Do we think lil’ romeo’s right?

[ Applause ]

TRL: All right. I’m sorry, P., Man. I’m sorry. We tried. We tried. All
right. Obviously, you know, sometimes father knows best. Thisin this case,
son knows best. How do you feel? Little bitter? Little angry?

>> I’m all right because they be on the phone later.

>> No, i proved him wrong later. I proved him wrong.

TRL: Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s great. It’s awesome. Check
out their show “romeo” on nickelodeon saturday at 8 8:30 P.M.

>> Get this guy some money.

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