Maya Jupiter Raps With KRS-One

Maya Jupiter updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@mayajupiter) on Saturday (January 10), talking about attending ’s show in Long Beach on Friday night. The Australian hip hop artist tells readers:

OMG!!!!!!! I have had one of the most amazing nights of my life, better than rapping with Prince, yes I said it. And I’ve never written a blog after a show so here it is. Earlier this week I got to hear the legendary blastmaster KRS-1 give a talk (3 hrs) about the TRUE origins of hip hop, that was so enlightening I’ll have to write about it another time.. Tonight was unbelievable for a humble emcee like me. Seeing KRS rock a club in Long Beach performing classics and rockin over classic music and swing was breathtaking. He truly is the emcee, but he’s so much more. And yes the teacher did teach. He told us that it is not the past that propels us but the future that pulls us forward. That we should visualize ourselves in the future and all that we want to be, to stand our ground and the world will bend for you. That’s the best way I can sum it up but you should look up temple of hip hop and go see him speak for yourself – very inspiring. So I’m going crazy, close to the front when the mic opens up, KRS takes a step back and lets the emcees on stage do their thing, shouts to Soul Elevation who was on stage with KRS and whom did a crazy beatbox, so I jump up on stage with the other eager emcees to get a taste and Prince Po grabs the mic!! So naturally I jump right back off stage! I thought thats it, it’s over.. but the mic opens up again! So this time I get on stage and go straight for the mic. Introduce myself and go for it. I spat part of a new verse I just wrote about the sh** going down in Palestine, I get real emotional when I rhyme cos I mean what I say and I got so caught up in the moment I think I jumped all the way through my verse! I ended it with a short freestyle and said Peace. Crazy. Later on KRS says to me ‘don’t ever ever ever stop what you’re doin’ Breathe.. Sorry I’m still way to excited. Now I’m a person who has self doubt like everyone else and sometimes I wonder what my true purpose is but when I’m on that stage saying things close to my heart I know that’s where I’m supposed to be. The little comment from KRS-1 means the world to me and is something so special I will remember it clearly and use it as fuel. 2009 look out! If I could be my 50 yr old self speaking to my 30 yr old self I would say work hard, listen to that little voice and never stop believing in yourself. Peace around the world. 1 Hip hop nation.

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