MC Mars – Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Fifty seven year old MC Mars is like no other MC you’ve ever heard and no other person you’ve ever met. He’s been a cab driver for over 30 years. He wrote a book about his life as a cabbie titled ‘Don’t Take Me The Long Way’ and recently released a rap album to accompany it titled ‘Letz Cabalaborate’. He had the good fortune to be in the studio with George Clinton at one point, a realized dream that he wrote about in his book, and anyone who hops into his cab might be treated to a live freestyle and leave with some MC Mars related material. “I sell records out of the cab and I sell books out of the cab,” Mars explains, “I’m actually grinding it out so I’m doing pretty well.” MC Mars is also living with HIV. I met Mars at an event for Beyond Race Magazine in NYC a few months ago and this week I linked up with him again to discuss his initial thoughts on the first days of Hip-Hop, how his life has changed since he was diagnosed with HIV, and tripping while on Hofstra University’s unispan. Read the full interview at

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