Meagan Good (Or Fake) Rejects Soulja Boy, Claims He “Doesn’t Like Chicks”

Someone on Twitter identified as actress Meagan Good shot down after the rapper contacted her, claiming the ‘Crank That’ hitmaker was gay. Soulja Boy then messaged her that the account was fake, prompting the @ response below. Good Tweets:

No, me and soulja boy aren’t together lololol that ship has sailed. apparently, he doesn’t like chicks. :( :( :(

@souljaboytellem never babe. don’t do that. you’re young, rich and over-rated and you think you can have anyone. not me. :(

Update: The “realmeagangood” account at twitter has since been removed, so it looks like Soulja Boy was correct.

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7 thoughts on “Meagan Good (Or Fake) Rejects Soulja Boy, Claims He “Doesn’t Like Chicks”

  1. Asia says:

    Oh my God. First of all Megan is over rated. Yeah she may be cute but so what. If you ask me, I think she look like she feeling herself a little too much, and Soulja boy dissed her so now she trying to say he’s gay. Mane that’s some BS.. Eff her! Real talk.

  2. BullCity says:

    I don’t know about this story man. I think she is lying about him. Agree with you 100%. Asia she may be cute, but she on that B.S.

  3. tia says:

    dat was fu**ed up and honey you can call me anytime…….

  4. Dr, Philyss says:

    Megan Good looks like she’s too into herself…she’s pretty but if you ask me she let it go to her head…Soulja Boy is too cute for her anyway he don’t need her..she looks like a drama queen anyway & he don’t need that bullsh** right now

  5. Imani Gibson says:

    O come on get real all of y’all. I would say the same thing she did if Soulja Boy was making up rumors about me. It was probably messing up her relationship with Thomas Jones and I don’t blame her for saying anything she did..And were do y’all get off calling her hoes, y’all don’t even know her, your just making assumptions on her life and that’s not right. I would understand if you was with her 24/7 watching her where ever she goes but y’all don’t so get a life and stop trying to ruin hers.. I got you Meagan to all these lames your nothing but to me your my idol and my favorite actress. God Bless Meagan, and stay true to yourself.

  6. asia says:

    You so damn fake bitch fu** you.

  7. KyBoiGetEm says:

    Man Soulja Boy I think you just a gay ass nigga but Meagan Good you can get at me :)

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