Memphis Bleek Gets Personal On M.A.D.E.

Memphis Bleek caught up with Roc-A-Fella’s first signee and asked him about his album Money Attitude Direction Education (M.A.D.E), which will be in stores June 24th. “This album is different from my other two because it’s just more personal,” he says. “In the interviews you can see I talk about my brother’s accident and how he got brain injury. That set me back for a couple years ‘cause I’m close to losing a brother and I never lost nobody that close to me before. So when that happened it helped me find myself, find out what I’m really about and what I’m here for I’m here for my family they need me. In the album I’m just talking about that and then in the process of that I had a son. It’s my first born my first soldier so I’m talking about that I never had a pops I got to keep it real with mine.”

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