Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From Xzibit

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@xzibit) on Friday (December 26) with the following message:


AS we go into this new year 2009 we are living in what some call the future and some call the present, case in point. If you go back and watch Twilight Zone episodes they date the year 1997 for us to be having flying cars and astronauts on other planets already. Ladies and Gents I am proud to announce we have achieved no such thing. In fact we still have no cure for the common cold, how far have we come? The Mayan Calendar says that the world as we know it will cease to exist in the year 2012, (in fact there is a film coming out about this whole subject) My dear friend Busta Rhymes predicted there was only 1 year left before the end of mankind in 1999. But the reality of things we SHOULD recognize about the times in which we live, ARE the election of a BLACK president, the fact the playing field has been leveled because both black AND white families are below poverty level during this holiday season. The fact that gas is fu**ing 2 bucks a gallon right now when 2 months ago we were selling Amway and Mary K products on the side to take care of the weekly needs. Wow. It’s amazing what can happen during an election year. What about BAIL OUTS??? If you could use 750 billion bucks, no fu** that, how about 1 billion dollars, raise your hand! I can’t imagine what kind of burden this is going to be for us and the generations beyond this. I hope and pray we can swing this economy upward in the next few years, because to be honest with you it does not look good. On a positive note I have to thank god my brother was released from prison and that he is on the right path to success. It will be a while before he gets to roll with me, but this too shall pass. I am a person who deals only in logic, I am totally objective when it come to an argument, but LOGIC is my balance in all things, believe it or not, everybody don’t think that way. I won’t bore you with details but just take that with you as a gem. Peace to Tray DEE and his family during this holiday season, I got your letter homie I’m @ you right now, (if you read this and can send the kite to him I would appreciate it>) and PEEDIE CRACK much love to the homie, he went in shortly after I made contact with him to do some work, Hold it down big dogg. (same rules apply if you can send this word to P crack fa me.) Alright yall, I’m about to go eat dinner with my fam, I’m getting yelled at right now because im trying to talk to you people!!!! TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER, LEAVE SH** YOU DON’T NEED RIGHT WHERE IT STANDS AND KEEP IT MOVING. Merry XMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Watch the sky, you can catch me there.


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