Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year From Kia Shine

Kia Shine 'Due Season'

, aka Kinfolk, checked in with his MySpace friends (@kiashine) on Monday (December 24) with the following bulletin:

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year… and thank all of you for making this year one of my best I also encourage all of you to remember what the true meaning of Christmas and the most important gift of all, Jesus our lord and savior. Please be safe over this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

07 was straight but 08 going to be GREAT!!

If you had a rough year this year, its done, focus on making this year better, when the years change it’s an opportunity for a “fresh” start. If you had a good year, don’t get lazy, and slack up and get complacent, do more, if you was getting money in 07 get more in 08. accomplish more, challenge yourself, GRIND HARDER. To my artist out there, remember, it’s new artist every year that come up, it can be you this year.. Just believe and do the work, most importantly pray and ask God for Direction. To all my ladies If you came out of a bad relationship in 07, somebody new is waiting for in 08..

All I’m saying is this is your year!!!

And as far as Kia Shine is concerned… Everybody sleeping on me will wake up working for me…

I am going to outdo 07 in 08 I am thankful for all that god did this year but I know that he has so much more for me to do and say with my music. Everyday I’m growing, and getting better so my music will grow and get better. I just want all of you to grow with me… 08 is a new season, but understand it’s still due season… Music, (‘The Kush’ is coming soon) movies, clothes, shoes, studios, new artist are just a few things that are to come, along with Shine Foundation… (which is ran by wifey) will be doing things to give back and help the community, and the most important thing that is coming is my baby … coming May 2008

Oh yeah to my promoters, that special is still running
just holla@me

Be blessed

Kia Shine CEO of The Rap Hustlaz Movement

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