Method Man Stops By TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to promote his appearance on the Twilight Zone tonight on UPN and he also talked about his ‘How High’ acting gig. Meth also indicated an interest in working with Mary J. Blige. Meth was wearing some obscene label on his jacket that LaLa had to cover up when he tried to show it to the cameras. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: right now give it up the mad methodman, he’s in the building.


TRL: How you doin’?

Meth: Good. Good.

TRL: Welcome to again. They love youey love you


TRL: No doubt. Meth, we got a lot to talk about. Yesterday we had a
lot of talk about the grammys, some pple really upset with some of the
nominations. If up to you who would you pick for best rap album.

Meth: Best rap album i would say I ain’t nominated, am i?


Meth: Uhhh, i don’t know. All of ’em are good.

TRL: No favorite?

Meth: I’m going politically correct. Politically.

TRL: Which means no comment.

TRL: All right. Let’s talk about this a lot of A.K.S, johnny blaze,
hot knix


TRL: Did i miss any.

TRL: What are you going by these day.

Meth: Right there you got to read it out loud.

TRL: Don’t do that don’t get a close — i can’t believe.

TRL: That’s what I’m going by now we’ll let you guys see that off the
air. We’ll talk about the album, movie stuff, but another popular guest
ashton kutcher has a really tough question for you.

Meth: All right. Uh-huh.

TRL: Stay tuned for that right now up one to no. 7 ja rule featuring
ashanti “mesmerize”.


TRL: That was no. 7 ja rule featuring ashanti “meerize”. It w 8 yesterday.

[Inaudible] Rockin’.

TRL: Ja, definitely doin’ his thing. It’s been a minute since you came
out with an album I know workin’ on a prequel to

[Inaudible] Why that not the sequel.

Meth: ‘Cause I’m takin’ it back to when it was still fun for me, you
kno what I’m sayin’ at, was before the second album and the first album
like the wwu tang album, it was fun goin’ out havin’ a ball. Yeah, y’all
know. Y’all know half of them was this diapers but anyway ….

TRL: I hear one of hot, hot tracks with P. Diddy did he produce it or

Meth: You know how P.Do, he know how to make hits, yeah. ‘Word.

TRL: You took time aside to do “how high” with redman shout out and
appearing on the twilight zone.

Meth: Ha-ha.

TRL: How do you fit into that thing.

Meth: Basically i play a character

[Inaudible] He is a fortune teller

TRL: Ai’ight. And if you want to know it airs tonight on U.P.N. At 9:00
P.M. So check meth out in that. Now time for me to explain this pass the
mic thing to you, basically guests come on our show and asks those coming
up next a question and you ask for the next and it goes on and on. Ton
had a question for you. Check it out, ash, what you wanna know.

Meth: Methodman


Aston: That’s fun. I’m curious halle berry, j-lo, or the coors light

TRL: All right, meth, which one is it, halle, j-lo or the coors light

Meth: Uhm, I’ma take one from big pun, i crush ’em all.

TRL: All righty.


TRL: With that stop stop it. With that answer now it is your turn to
pass the mic toourex guest mti lawrence, so go ahe

Meth: A, martin, oy.

Mr. Run tell that mr. You so crazy

Meth: Hey, uhm, i wnanoe in rht when you had your little trip off the
those, where can get some bro?!


TRL: I am speechless. Unbelievable. You never know what to expect from
this guy. You act, rhyme and produce. You can do it all so we want to give
you a job in the studio. We actually want you to play cameraman for the
day. I think —


TRL: Let’s see your skills hind t camera all right.

Meth: Yeah.

TRL: Stay tuned we’ll look through the eyes of this guy methodman in
a minute so don’t go anywhere.


TRL: You did a movie set at a college. When was the last time you visited
a school?

Meth: Uhm, g, a while, when me and redman first went out on tour we
visited a lot of high schools and i got to my own high school in hempstead,
hempstead what’s happenin’, baby

TRL: The reason i asked trl is visiting one campus this year and it
could be years. Send us a tape of your school we might bring methodman
it will be off the hook so hit up the trl section of mtv.Com.

TRL: Speaking of schools there is a school in our wanna-be it’s from
missy elliott “gossip folks” check it out:

TRL: A wanna-be right there missy elliott “gossip folks”. You know how
to vote for that one. Meth thanking for giving us the

[Inaudible] Cam through your eyes.

Meth: You’re welcome.

TRL: Redman did this song with christina “dirrty” a lot of people want
to know if you will ever do a song with the other pop queen britney spears.

Meth: Huh-uh.

TRL: No?!

Meth: Nooo.

TRL: Any reason why.

Meth: Culture clash. Mary J.Blige is the bomb if I’ma mess with somebody
it’s gonna be Mary.

TRL: All right. We thank you for stoppin’ by and let everybody know
to check out the twilight zone tonight right now we’re gettin’ to christina
aguilera “beautiful”, no. 5 on your countdown

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