MF Doom Gives All Sides Equal Play

exudes a full-bodied reality that hip-hop rarely aspires to. The good, the bad, the funny and the ugly all get equal play. “Every record I do, I feel my responsibility to add on in some way, as well as to entertain,” Doom tells Piotr Orlov of the Phoenix New Times about painting life. “It’s a waste otherwise. The way hip-hop is so many words per second, and you’re listening to words like you’re reading a book. So just to be bragging and boasting through that whole time, for hours and hours, seems to me a waste of that time. From a creative point of view, I wanna do something that people aren’t doing, ’cause they’re not talking about life and living. All the positive things are being left out. Everybody seems to be stuck on this downward spiral about death and destruction and sh**. To me that’s putting a bad thing over on hip-hop. Let’s see if you can come to this from a living point of view.”

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