M.I.A.: How Dare Tenacious D Take The Stage After Me!

was showing her diva side with her Twitter followers (@_M_I_A_) moments ago after learning she’d be performing after Tenacious D due to the Beastie Boys pulling out of Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco on August 30th. The British alt hip hop artist writes:

Shows 7 dayz away! I better go make outfits!

p.s I originally booked on shows coz Beasties were headliners, but now they ain’t doing it and I jus wanna say, we have to go hard!!!

Can’t believe they replaced Beasties with Tenacious D??? And if I pull out they sue! So really? Tenacious D after me?

So me and Jack Black are back to back, Beasties get well soon!

You’re all welcome on stage from the get go, fu** it! I’m takin ‘Bird Flu’ out of the set! Just to make a point!

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3 thoughts on “M.I.A.: How Dare Tenacious D Take The Stage After Me!

  1. Iron Mike Sharpe says:

    Can’t say I blame M.I.A. Kind of an insult to have Jack Black’s novelty act headline over one of the most acclaimed, groundbreaking performers of the last 10 years.

  2. Serenade says:

    lol M.I.A. is kidding around. That’s cool. But seriously, when did M.I.A. and the Beasties open for parody acts?

  3. Post says:

    Well the “D” is much better then some generic Euro trash pop

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