M.I.A. ‘Paper Planes’ Video, Reaction To MTV Edit

M.I.A. 'Paper Planes' music video

is out with the video to her new single ‘Paper Planes’, the third release from the British artist’s second album ‘Kala’, out now on Interscope. Watch it, and read her reaction to the MTV version of the video being censored, below.

Look I know there are haters out there, I deal with it everyday that’s no fu**ing big deal and I’ve dealt with worse in my life, a few people talking sh** don’t matter to me, but twisting truth isn’t the lesson I wanna learn in my time in music, so who ever that is doing it, I wanna set the record straight

1, I originally wanted to shoot the video in a factory on the border of Equador, but couldn’t. I was touring the U.S., I coulda been anywhere in the world right then but there I was in America, in NYC, in Brooklyn, in Bedstuy, I was torn between scrapin shows in America and meeting American fans or shooting in NYC on my only day off I’d had in 4 months and getting on with it.

2, So that was that! I never made a video in America and hey it’s still a part of what I do and say, it’s was still valid, so I was ready to roll with it.

3, You all know how the song sounds, that’s why when you go on YouTube 400,000 people would rather listen the song as it is and stare at some picture then to actually watch a video

4, When Letterman censored me it was wac of course!, and yes I felt soooooo bad for what they did to my sound. I was able to sound check for that show and they let me sound check fine, then on the actual taping my sound was sooo different from what I’d agreed, as soon as I opened my mouth the difference blew me away, I felt I was getting bullied on national television, and I couldn’t even reach out to my labels or my management to help, since they are new to what happens to an artist like me in mainstream American culture.

So they tried to shut me down again. I made the ‘Paper Planes’ video. I made it how they wanted. No violence. Ambiguous. MTV – friendly. Now today, I check YouTube and see the leaked MTV ‘Paper Planes’ video up for the first time. I clicked on it and out comes this fu**ed up mess with double-tracked bullsh** mess

Who the the fu** is doing this to me?????

The video was sabotaged for whatever reason and I’m disappointed that MTV has had such a major role in this. The bloggers who are lazy enough to follow the MTV link and post up and comment on the sound when that hasn’t been compromised and the gunshot aren’t replaced and edited makes me sad. I did fight for the sound, because putting meanings in your videos, in my opinion is a dying art. I can film myself anywhere anytime and let you know the truth, but the song is what I wanted to preserve in this case.

To all my fans, look, its like this, I’m learning things about this world with you, I want you to see what happens to me, I want you to see how people will sit and spend all Sunday tearin me down for something I didn’t even make or put out, so people welcome to modern day propaganda message mangling.

In 2007, an outsider opinion will be confronted this way, and this is how the battle goes, my messages and ideas and meaning will always be brought to you with slightly tainted channels. If you support me be smart, and know that.

I love you, you keep me going.


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