Michael Musto Makes Cameo In ‘Death of a Dynasty’

Village Voice gossip script Michael Musto weighed in on his cameo in ‘Death of a Dynasty’, the autobiographical hip-hop comedy by Roc-A-Fella Records biggie Damon Dash. Musto says the film “makes Les Misérables look like a one-woman (yeah, woman) show.” Musto added, “In addition to model Devon Aoki playing the lead siren, there was singer Samantha Cole playing a model; stylist Phillip Bloch, writer Richard Turley, and restaurateur Jimmy Rodriguez playing themselves; and athletes Riddick Bowe and Walt Frazier playing whatever the fu** they wanted. And they had already shot Lorraine Bracco, James Toback, , Shoshanna Lonstein, P. Diddy, Sale Johnson, and my Aunt Sadie. With a camera!” Read more.

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