Mike Jones ‘The American Hater’ Episode 3: ‘Ballin At The Mall’

is out with episode three of his ‘The American Hater’ video series. In ‘Ballin At The Mall’, Jones heads to the mall to shop for some clothes and again his rival $Money $tack$ shows up, trying to suggest he’s got a bigger fan base. Jones second album ‘The American Dream’ is due out November 20th on Warner Bros. Records.

Video at imeem.com has since been removed (the site was bought out by MySpace).

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One thought on “Mike Jones ‘The American Hater’ Episode 3: ‘Ballin At The Mall’

  1. mark galloway says:

    I know that this may come as a surprise but I hope it’s one that is welcome, I see you been making some move which is good. I can only say that you have become a man doing what what make you happy and that is all that should matter, I only wish that there was something I could offer but it’s not but what I can do is keep you in my prayer’s. I know pray work it work for me for the past 20 year’s incarceration. Keep doing your thing and know you are your own MAN….. Gallo that’s what your mother call me . Take care

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