Mike Skinner’s New Album A Big Change From Prior Efforts

Mike Skinner tells Australia’s Beat magazine he’s already six songs into the next new album, and he’s already seeing a change. “It’s very much more single songs – by that I mean the songs aren’t about me,” he explained. “They are almost kind of parables. They are basic stories. I decided that I didn’t necessarily want them to be tied to modern life so my songs for the next album could have occurred at any time in history. The challenge is to make them relevant to people. As for the actual music, I’ve done all the percussion and I’m writing the lyrics now. When I’ve got all the music behind me, I’ll record the album in as live a way as possible. I think if anything the pace of these songs is a little faster. I do think that now I’m a much much better songwriter.”

The full story at beat.com.au has since been removed.

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