Mims Discusses ‘Guilt’, Economy, Jewelry & Touring

Rapdirt.com caught up with for a Q&A as the Manhattan rapper prepares to release his second album ‘Guilt’ on April 7th.

Q: So with ‘Guilt’ I’m hearing you are reflecting on your success in the face of the brutal economy and how this is a common sentiment in the game right now, but what are the tangible effects in how you’re writing? How do you not sound tone deaf to what’s going on right now without depressing everybody?

MimsA: Because I think that it’s not about, one, the album ‘Guilt’ is not just about the economy. It’s a understanding of where the economy sits and that means that I’m not gonna be overly braggadocios in my music, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna give you records that take it there and have an up tempo sound.

I don’t wanna depress anybody. I wanna make a album that makes people happy, but I also want them to know I’m aware of the times because gonna have people that wanna hear about what’s going’ on and then you’re gonna have some people that wanna just get lost in the music. I give you something’ on the album for everybody.

Q: Break down how ‘Guilt’ compares to ‘Music Is My Savior’. Is there a track or tracks that if people weren’t told beforehand, they’d would be shocked it’s coming from Mims?

A: ‘Guilt’ and ‘Music is My Savior’ don’t compare. The only way they are similar is that the artist is Mims. As far as records are concerned that you’ll be shocked. I think that people who thought so little of me from a record like ‘This is Why I’m Hot’ that for me to come back and surpass them with any music that I do right now is gonna be a wow factor; any record.

Q: You’re not one to wear shiny rocks with perceived value like some others in the game, so maybe the benefit of the economy tanking will be to clear the decks of the stereotype of rap’s focus on flaunting wealth?

A: You know, I’d say this. There’s a time and a place for everything. There’s nothing’ wrong with somebody shining’. I just don’t think now’s the time and I also believe that that doesn’t make you a man ’cause you can put $100,000 around your neck. It doesn’t make you anybody. It makes you a lot more shinier than the next person.

So for me, who really cares about that? That doesn’t determine anything other than – honestly to me, other than the fact that that person was probably stupid for hanging’ a house on their neck when they could probably put that money somewhere better.

Not to say that I’m not interested in jewelry, but I think there’s an extreme. I think when you start talking’ about 100,000 and some of these people aren’t millionaires. Some of these people aren’t even rich and they’re putting’ that stuff around their neck, they’re stupid.

Q: Talk about sampling Biggie on ‘Bread N Butta’. How did that all come about and did ‘Notorious’ play a role in getting this out there as the new single as a new level of attention has been focused in B.I.G.?

A: The ‘Bread and Butter’ record was produced by DJ Absolute. He brought the record to me the way it was. I got in the studio and I laid a couple verses down. Next thing that you know the record got leaked. That’s really the story behind it. It wasn’t really – the movie coming’ out was obviously coincidental and I love the movie, but one had nothing’ to do with the other.

Q: Everyone’s thought the last few years has been tough in terms of album sales, but things are in disaster territory now. How are you approaching expectations for when ‘Guilt’ drops in this economy?

A: I just gotta rely on the fans to go out and support and I gotta rely on the people to worry about picking’ up a good album. Nothing’ much more I can do. I’m not Barack. I can’t put stimulus checks in people’s pockets and I don’t pay income tax. I just make music.

So when it comes to somebody going’ in the store buying’ my CD, God willing’ they respect me as an artist and they’re looking’ for something’ different. I’m gonna push it till I can’t push it no more. April 7th the album ‘Guilt’ is in stores and if you like what you hear, go and support it. Other than that you can choose whatever you wanna do with your money. I’m just here to give you a form of entertainment.

Q: You’ll be promoting the new album release on TV pretty soon I guess and one thing I’ve noticed is that rappers rarely get a chance to perform on the network late night talk TV shows, instead having indie rock groups or singer songwriters who sell less than many emcees and get fewer radio spins, but they’re always getting that valuable airtime. Have you noticed the same trying to get booked?

A: Honestly no. I’ve done the Jay Leno’s. I’ve done Jimmy Kimmel. I’ve done Live with Regis and Kelly. I’ve done many a shows and I have many a shows to come. I just think it depends on the artist and their performance techniques.

I’m learning’ how to perform a lot better, but I also give myself some credit. I’m not one of those artists that just get on stage and stand in the middle and rap. I think a show is about giving’ a show. So many a times I go to those performances with live bands and I think that’s what makes my situation a little different from other artists.

So if you have trouble or you’re struggling’ to get on some of these network shows – I mean I know it’s not easy. Don’t get me wrong, but I think try to switch your show around a little bit and show some showmanship because that’s what it takes I think. In my opinion that’s what it takes. That’s what they’re looking’ for.

Q: So how are you setting up to tour in support of ‘Guilt’? I assume this also is heavily linked to the economy, especially bringing it overseas.

A: Oh, I’m going’ everywhere. I’m going’ everywhere I need to be. There’s no place on earth that I will not go to in order to promote my music and that’s it. I’m gonna go everywhere I need to be. I don’t turn down money when it comes to someone supporting’ my album. So if somebody in Australia buys my album and they wanna see me in concert, then I’m going’ to Australia to go do my thing for my fans.

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