Missy Dedicates Best Hip Hop Video Award To Aaliyah

took home Best Hip Hop Video at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night. She told the crowd upon accepting the award: “God. ( Cheers and applause) I’ve never gotten a moment, this is my first moment out of all the years I’ve been out here. So I came prepared. A long scroll this time. Thank you, thank you. First of all, I’d like to thank God for giving me the talent, and a creative mind and thank god that I have a lot of people that’s creative with me that understands Missy’s mind, because it takes a lot of hard work, you know, when you got certain things going on. But anyway. My mother, I thank you for all the love and support. MTV, I thank all the viewers, the fans. I thank y’all. I got my choreographer. I got Joe Ambrose, my stylist. Gloria, she’s not out here, but my makeup artist. And the one that do my hair, Gigi. I thank y’all for not dropping me. I thank y’all. Timberland, who does all my music, my whole click, and Michael Jackson, wait a minute, Michael and Janet and most of all, Dave Meyers, where are you, Dave? Dave, where are you? Dave Meyers, right there, director of ‘Work It’. And I dedicate this one right here to Aaliyah, we love you, we miss you. Thank you all.”

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